How to paint the interior of your home properly

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, has the knowledge and expertise to help you get the best looking exterior and interior painting you need to get your home looking awesome. Let us do all the work and cleanup so you can just get a great Paint job.


Do you want to give your home interiors a gorgeous look? Do you want interior painting that is immaculate and has a touch of class? We at Great Western Painting will offer you professional painting contractor service that is flawless. We believe in the highest standards of quality services that are affordable and cost effective. Check out how we can help you make your home a heavenly abode.

What are the professional methods we use to give your interiors that elegant look?

  1. Clear the room:

We first make sure that all removable items in the room are relocated so that it does not come in the way while working and prevent paint falling on them. Items that cannot be removed will be securely covered with a cling film. The entire room will be vacuum cleaned and cleared of nails, screws and cobwebs. All dust and debris will be cleared as well.


  1. Spackle:

Small holes created by nails and screws will be spackled to cover them up.


  1. Sanding:

Before painting, we ensure that the walls are smooth and even hence we sand the area using sandpaper or sanding sponge. We then clear the area of dust and debris once again for smooth surface.


  1. Primer:

We do not add paint directly to the walls. We add primer to avoid flashing and if the final paint you have chosen is dark or bright, we will use a tinted primer so that you can use lesser coats of paint and thus save you money.


  1. Paint Extender:

To avoid lap and brush marks, we use paint extender to level out the paint. This gives a clean and professional painting look.


  1. Canvas drop cloths:

We use canvas drop cloths to protect your floor from ugly splatters of paint.


  1. Box painting:

To avoid variations in color, we use boxing technique.

  1. Degreaser:

To remove stains or grease marks or dirt we use a degreaser so that the wall is clean and easy to paint.


  1. Roller covers:

We wash the roller covers before we start rolling to get rid of fuzz or loose fibers that may come in the way of clean finish.


  1. One wall at a time:

We always do one wall at a time to get the brushed and rolled paint blend in effectively.

Once the job is done usually there will be paint spots on windows, we will just let them dry and scrape them off the glass to clear away the paint.

These are the professional secrets to amazing looking walls. We practice these diligently to give your interior walls that touch of class. We at Great Western Painting care about your health and hence use low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints that are environment friendly for almost all of our interior projects (ICI Lifemaster is virtually odorless and has no VOC).

Here are some of our interior painting services:

  • Drywall Repairs – Any surface defects like holes, dents or scratch marks can be repaired and made to look as good as new.
  • Ceiling Painting and Repairs – We offer painting solutions and repair for ceiling. We can also do textured ceiling.
  • Removal of Wallpaper – Sometimes you may want to remove wallpaper. Call us and we will do the needful without any damage or distress to your walls.
  • Ceiling & Wall Painting – We are experts in wall painting and ceiling painting. Call us for an estimate and suggestions regarding the same.
  • Doors & Casings – Want your doors and casings painted? Most of the painters just paint directly but we do a professional job and hence before putting on paint, we first clean the door, fill any holes or gaps, sand the area, clear off dust and debris, apply primer and then apply paint for smooth finish.
  • Windows & Baseboards – We paint windows and baseboards (skirting) to match your walls or any color that you may desire. Call us for a quote.
  • Cabinets – Before painting the cabinet, we will remove the doors, drawers and hinges. Fill up any holes or gaps, clean, sand the area, clean once again or vacuum, apply a primer and then paint for a smooth finish.

We are committed to providing quality services at competitive prices. We can help and guide you while choosing colors for your walls. We will also offer you suggestions and tips on how to make your walls look better. We are available 24/7 so you can call us anytime for estimates or any questions you may have regarding interior painting.

Be it your home or place of business, interiors talk a lot about you. It reflects your thoughts, your lifestyle and your personality. Having wrong or inferior interiors may actually send the wrong message to people and hence strain relationships. Call us and we will ascertain the right interiors for your home or business thereby helping you build strong relationships!!