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Flowers have the power to move mountains. Even a tense situation or an argument can be easily tackled with just a single flower or a bouquet of flowers. Do you want to impress someone you adore? Do you want to say sorry and build up a strained relationship? Then say it with flowers and flower bouquets. The #1 patch-up gift in the world is flowers followed by chocolates.
Panda Flowers create an atmosphere of peace and harmony. The variety of colors, textures, looks and smell is so mesmerizing that people tend to forget the past and look forward to building a better relationship. In the past, during Victorian Era, expressing one’s feeling was considered as bad behavior and so people found subtle ways to express their feelings, flowers being the most commonly used media of communication. To this day, we use the power of flowers to exhibit our feelings to our near and dear ones.
Different flowers have different meanings and you need to be knowledgeable about what flowers to send to prevent negative emotions. Read below to understand what meanings flowers convey:
1. If you are in love and would like to convey your love and romantic feelings to your dear beloved then send them bouquets made of these flowers below.
Tip: Single flower does not convey enough, you need to choose 12 or 50.
• CAMELLIA – Pink, red and white
• DAISY – any color
• LILAC – for first love or new found love
• ROSE – Red
• TULIP – Red
2. If you want friendship then send bouquets with these flowers:
• ROSE – Yellow
• ZINNIA – Mixed
3. If you wish to convey how pure your love is bouquets made of these flowers will help:
• CARNATION – White – it is also a woman’s good luck gift
• DAISY – Any color
• ROSE – White
4. If you want to convey the message that you are faithful and dependable then these flowers will help you:
• DANDELION – not single but a bunch(single flower gives negative meaning)
• VIOLET – Blue
• ZINNIA – Scarlet
5. If you want to convey that you are sorry and would like to give the relationship a second chance by building the strained relationship then you can send a bouquet made of these flowers. Use these flowers asking for forgiveness:
• TULIP – White
• HYACINTH – Purple(direct sorry and to be forgiven)
• ROSE – Yellow (though not a direct sorry, it is sent to build friendship)
Tip : CARNATION – Yellow expresses rejection and resentment.
Tip: CARNATION – Striped – A direct refusal stating that you cannot be with the person.
These are some of the most common emotions that people feel and the respective flowers to go with it.
What are the top 10 flowers and what they mean?
Here is a list of top 10 flowers and their meanings:
1. GARDENIA – If you are secretly in love with someone and would like to send that message to them subtly then this is great. Pack a bunch of them into a nice bouquet and send it across using our same day delivery.
2. DAISY – Women just fall in love with a bunch of Daisies brought together in a lovely bouquet. Gerba Daisy is the most preferred variety.
3. ROSE – The best flower Red roses are used for showing feelings of love and romance. Yellow roses are used for conveying friendship, white roses convey purity and joy, pink represents appreciation and grace, peach roses suggest anticipation and purple – pure love.
4. LILAC- If you are in love for the first time or have found a new love and wish to express that then pack a bunch of lilac into a bouquet and send it to that person.
5. ORCHID- These flowers are meant to suggest beauty and symbolize abundance.
6. LILY OF THE VALLEY – If you want to show your humility then send these flowers,
7. STEPHANOTIS – This is the flower for marriage and honeymoon. Noted for its fragrance and simple looks it is used exclusively for weddings.
8. HYDRANGEA – Though this flower is quite popular it is confusing to use this since it represents two opposite feelings, one for being mean and heartless while the other is being thankful for understanding. It is better to use this flower with caution.
9. SUNFLOWER – This flower represents good luck, best wishes and loyalty. This is an ideal gift for weddings and soon mom-to-be.
10. TULIP – This flower has the power to express declaration of love symbolizing perfect love and fame.
Whatever emotions you want to express and whichever flowers you choose for your bouquet, get it delivered on the same day delivery through us to send the message home. You can choose various assortments of flowers from the bouquets displayed on our online flower shop and have instant access to same day delivery to send fresh flowers. We are florists that pride ourselves in delivering quality fresh flowers for all emotions and needs because we care too!!! see our other pages : Calgary Flowers or flowers in Calgary