What to do when you have a flat tire

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While driving a car many technical issues occurs with it like usually people gets problems in the tires of the car as they are the main part which helps in driving and all the weight of the car is depend on it. Tires get damaged because of many reasons as there are many particles which are present on the road which may cause harm to them. So to maintain car tires on time is necessary and to give it service on time so that you don’t met with an accident or nay mishap because of the tires damaged.

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When the car is parked with flat tire;

When the person goes out in the morning in parking areas and find the car tire flat then he/she should not take any kind of stress or tension just take the simple steps like;

  • Inspect it; firstly if you observed your car tire flat then you should check the tire with your hands at the back and front of the tire so that you will come to know about the things or objects lying of the sport like nail, pin or any kind of industrial shape object on the side wall or in the tread which will make you sure that the tire air is blown due to these objects and take a corrective action after that.
  • Put on your spare tire; you should always have a spare tire with you so that if in any case your tire get flat with any reason you can change at your place by using tools and after changing you can move to the service station for checking and getting your tire repaired and keeps that in the car as a spare tire so that you are at any place can change your tire with spare one.

While driving the tire gets flat;

While driving car if your tire gets flat due to any reason but you will not be able to see but you will feel the noise flap and flap of tire and also your vehicle will pull to the side of flat tire and also you will not be able to accelerate and feel the car imbalanced. Steps you should observe that time are;

  • Safety pull over; when you feel the tire flat, get your car on the sides of the road slowly observing the extra space in a shoulder area so that you can get down the car and observe the tire easily and not get hit by the vehicle passing through and if you are having the safety cons, you should put them by the side of the car so that the other vehicles get warning of your car standing and your risk reduces.
  • Carrying an extra tire; every person should have one extra tire in their care so that in this case they can easily change the tire so that they can safely reach the service station.
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You should always carry an extra tire with you in case of emergency with safety measures.

Why Buying a Condo is the Best Choice for Your First Home



If you are new to home ownership, you might want to consider a condo as your first home. There are many benefits to owning a condo in Calgary. You do not necessarily have to buy a large home with a yard and a white picket fence just because you feel like you are supposed to. Owning a Calgary condo might be the best choice for you but first you need to pick a calgary Community .

Owning a first home is a big step, and this decision should not be taken lightly. Here are a few reasons that buying a condo is the best choice for your first home.

  1. Condo is a good investment. Since so many condos were built during the housing boom, the price has since dropped on them because builders and contractors need to get them sold.


  1. A large new homes southeast calgary is a lot of work. There is constant work that needs to be done on a house. Not only the initial costs, but the upkeep of a house is more than a condo would be. This is also true because there is usually maintenance in a condo building to take care of big and small problems.


  1. A yard is a lot of work. If you are buying your first home, the idea of a yard seems nice, until you realize the hassle of maintaining it. Mowing, trimming, planting. It is all time consuming work that you may not want. And even if you do not want to do it, it will cost you more money to pay someone else to do it.


  1. The resale or rental value will increase its worth. If later on you do decide you want a full house, then the resale value will increase as they will become more in demand. Further, you do not even have to sell it, you can rent it out and it can be additional income for you.

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